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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Katy Perry's Latest Illuminati Performance

It only takes a half of a brain to realize that Katy Perry is profoundly influenced by the Illuminati. Several of her videos exhibit extensive amounts of Illuminati symbolism along with hand gestures and ambiguous lyrics. She also nonchalantly admitted in an interview that she had "sold her soul to the devil." However most believe that she was merely joking, her songs and videos prove otherwise. That is quite a sad transformation for a preacher's daughter.

This article's main focus is to exploit all the Illuminati imagery in the video of her latest single, "Dark Horse.” Let’s proceed...
The modern day Illuminati has strong ties with Ancient Egyptian cults, which is more than likely why an Egyptian theme was chosen for this particular music video. The first attention grabbing symbol seen throughout the video is the infamous Eye of Horus. In ancient Egyptian mythology, Horus is a deity associated with protection and the rising and setting of the sun.  So what makes this symbol so menacing? It seems that the Illuminati have a twisted habit of contorting ancient symbols into their own malefic interpretations, which can be referred to as "reverse symbolism." In this case, the esoteric meaning of the Eye of Horus is used to implicate that the Illuminati has insight and knowledge over the rest of society. Since the sun is a symbol associated with the Illuminati, the eye of this sun god may also be used as a representation of awakening.
Katy Perry is also seen with the headress of a cobra, personifying the goddess Wadjet. Serpentine symbols are commonly associated with the Illuminati and Satanism. 
And again, the video is displaying more infatuation of serpents. 
Oh and what is this? The imitation of the All-Seeing Eye I presume?
Lo and behold, she is depicting the winged goddess Isis while standing at the top of a pyramid, symbolizing the Illuminati’s domineering role in society. Pyramids are also seen several more times throughout the video.
What is a bit more disturbing than Katy Perry’s newest video is her devilish performance of the song at the 2014 Grammy Awards.
The red cross on her outfit is strikingly similar to the symbol of the Knights Templar; a 12th century military order that modern day Freemasonry and Illuminati has ties with.   Katy Perry has been heading down the dark and corrupt path paved by the Illuminati ever since her rise to stardom in 2008. Only time will tell what her next move will be.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lana Del Rey – Another Seductive Voice of the Illuminati???

She's beautiful, talented, and unique… with an intriguing persona and a voice to match. However, the sultry songbird known as Lana Del Rey is more than just a charming face. There's evidence that she may be another young sex symbol that is involved with the Illuminati. Born Lizzy Grant, she finally rose to fame in 2012 under the moniker "Lana Del Rey" after several failed attempts to become mainstream in the music industry. Her first full length entitled "Born to Die" was released in 2012 and received critical acclaim for its unique combination of music genres and enigmatic lyrics. It still remains a mystery how 27 year old Lana Del Rey became famous in such a short period of time, besides having several promotional videos on the internet long before she catapulted to stardom. Could her overnight success and revamped persona be linked to a pact with the Illuminati? Very possible...

In her music video “Born to Die,” she makes several hand gestures resembling the horned figure Baphomet which is a common idol of the Illuminati. This capture below is the most evident one; however it can only be seen briefly in the music video at the 55 second mark.

She can also be seen mimicking the Baphomet horns in her music video, “Ride.”

In the photo below, she is mimicking the Baphomet horns again.

Still not convinced? Well there’s a lot more evidence.

What’s this? She is covering one eye to insinuate the “All-Seeing Eye”, the most recognized symbol of the Illuminati.
In this wallpaper, the All-Seeing Eye is present again, this time inside a triangle. The triangle (or pyramid) is also a widely recognized symbol of the Illuminati, representing their elite power and the rest of society below them. Notice how the eye is bleeding to mock the bleeding of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.
Here she is shown placing two fingers over her mouth, representing the “Vow of Silence.” Many Illuminati members use this gesture is to convey the message of staying silent about the Illuminati’s existence and power. 

Again, she is shown using the same gesture.
Right here she is pictured with fellow Illuminati princess Lady Gaga. Once again, she is emulating the horns of Baphomet. 

There is another thing that is worth mentioning, and it’s Lana Del Rey’s tattoo. As you can see in the photograph above, she has “Die Young” tattooed across her finger, which is also the title of Ke$ha’s controversial music video that conveys massive Illuminati imagery. This could merely be a coincidence, but there is the possibility that “Die Young” has a subliminal meaning among the young Illuminati members. Since these young entertainers are allowing themselves to be controlled by the elitists, there is always the possibility of them being killed by their puppeteers if they decide to leave or expose the secret society. Perhaps poor Lana Del Rey is aware of such a fate, since it seems she has become a useful instrument of the Illuminati.

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